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Where do you get your book recommendations?

Book Recommendations

Where do you get your book recommendations? Before I dove back into reading, just within the last year or two, I had a hard time finding recommendations. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, or maybe I just had my own system going. I’m thinking it’s the latter, but regardless I have noticed a HUGE change in my reading habits and a lot of it has to do with becoming a part of the book community. Between book bloggers, BookTubers, and even #bookstagram I am never lacking something to read. In fact I went from a non-existent TBR pile to a complete shelf containing over 70+ unread books.

There’s nothing better than getting a good book recommendation, reading the book, falling in love with the book, and then having someone to talk to who has read the book and enjoyed it as well. I believe that’s why we recommend books in the first place. What initially made me fall in love with the book community on YouTube was finding that one person who gave great recommendations. It kept me going back to her channel to see what I should read next. Now more than a year later I am flooded with recommendations, and feel quite overwhelmed with all the books. So how do you get your recommendations? Do you have that one person who recommends a variety of books and they never let you down? Are you overwhelmed like I am? Or do you have another system entirely? I’d love to know how you get book recommendations, how you deal with the overwhelming amount of recommendations, and maybe an account or two that you think I would enjoy (book blog, YouTube, or #bookstagram).

I’m hoping to exploring some new strategies when it comes to reading, my reading habits, and book recommendations.

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