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Unfortunately Camp NANOWRIMO is over.

Unfortunately Camp NANOWRIMO is over.


As I sit down to write this post there are approximately 18 hours left to write. I am sitting at 14,070 words. If you will remember from my initial post I did not have a word count goal. Instead, I wanted to focus a few other things.

know names & descriptions of all the characters

I started out with just two names and built from there. The strangest thing is as I wrote names changed and I like them so much better now.

know the time period/timeline of the story

Mapping out a basic timeline helped.

figure out if I want it to be a short story or a full-length novel 

Decided early on this would be a full-length novel. But it would make a great short story as well if I change my mind later.

flesh out a plot/know major & minor story bits

Brainstorming and writing out a basic outline helped with this.

beef up my writing vocabulary

Reading always improves vocabulary. I also pulled out my 1100 Words book from school.

re-read ________ book for inspiration

Didn’t re-read the book I had in mind but I found another book I used for inspiration.

watch _________ movie for inspiration

I forget if I had a particular movie in mind but I definitely ran across a show that fed my inspiration. I talked about it in my inspiration post.

I would like to say I wrote every day, but nope that didn’t happen. In fact, I only wrote 11 days. So for 11 days I think I did pretty well. I could make excuses like work, buying a house (by the way we’re closing May 13th!!), being sick, etc but the truth of the matter is writing as an author is a job and it’s work. If I want to seriously continue with this novel I have to make time. There were tons of times when I was reading rather than writing or watching YouTube instead of writing. The upside of procrastinating is I decided to make something drastic happen at the next part of my novel thanks to a YouTube video I watched.

So what’s next? Honestly, I have no idea. I want to continue writing I know that much. I think my story has a strong message. Now that the characters are in my head they are begging for their story to be told. So I won’t give up. I can’t expect my life to stop so I can write. I need to find time to get words down on the page. Unfortunately, Camp NaNoWriMo is over and that means if my motivation was lacking before it really is now. Hopefully, I’ll get settled in my new place and totally be inspired. I’ll let you know.

Until next time Camp Nanowrimo.

until next time camp nanowrimo

2 thoughts on “Unfortunately Camp NANOWRIMO is over.”

  • I always find it helps to have like a small word count goal. Or page goal. Like writing 3 pages per day is a small amount that’s quite doable. And often once you get started you can go on and on, but if you feel lazy then it’s only 3 pages. And weekends off is also helpful.

    • Thanks Liselle. Yeah my basic goal was 1000 words a day but more than words I wanted to see if I could continue with my story and how my process would develop as the month went on. Surprisingly I really enjoyed myself and will continue to write 🙂

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