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Unexpected Things Readers Find in Books and Love!

Unexpected Things Readers Find in Books and Love!

Unexpected things readers love

True love comes in many forms. I’m talking about the surprises, the unexpected things that readers find in books that make them squeal, jump up and down, and then casually stare at said thing for far longer than normal.

Spines that say something.

If the author goes the extra mile to make poetry with their book titles, readers take notice.

Beautiful Naked Books.

There’s nothing more satisfying than removing a beautiful dust jacket and finding something equally stunning underneath.

oh yeah

mentioning dust jackets….

Art Inside the Dust Jacket.

Honestly, when I see art inside the dust jacket first I squeal and then I promptly buy the book. If that much time went into the dust jacket…


Maps — in a genre that usually doesn’t have maps.

map in We Were Liars.
map in We Were Liars.

Characters With Your Name.

Depending on how common your name is you may see this more often than other readers. My name is pretty uncommon, so I don’t see it very much, but when I do…

excited 2

What surprises do you love finding in books? Sometimes it’s just the small things. Am I right?


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