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The Winner’s Trilogy Dreaded Cover Change

Cover Change Debate

Last night Twitter blew up about the Winner’s trilogy cover changes announced by Fierce Reads. I am not entirely sure the true motivation behind the cover changes although before ‘accidentally’ deleting the tweet Fierce Reads responded by saying,


As many have said in response, “So being in a dress makes you less bad ass?” Now I myself have not read either book already released. Although I do have a copy of The Winner’s Curse sitting on my shelf. Luckily I haven’t fallen in love with the series or the characters yet. The main problems fans are having is the covers are being redesigned on the third and final book and the book already had a cover designed to match the others in the trilogy which people seemed to love. Also the change does not match the character of the story. Lastly they are being compared to another popular YA series, the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. You be the judge.

exhibit A exhibit B

I personally see the similarities between the redesigned covers and the covers of the Throne of Glass series. As most of us are unaware of the true motivation behind the redesign it leaves the fans and readers making their own assumptions. One that quickly comes to mind is the blatant attempt to make more money. Publishers, marketing, and anyone worth a grain of salt knows bookworms like their books to match. Changing the cover on the last book when there has been such praise about the original design is puzzling.

From what I do know about the stories from reviews I have watched or read, and from the synopsis of the books it seems to me that Kestrel is not the tough, cape wearing assassin she is starting to resemble on the new covers. I’ve heard that the thing people love about her is that she is a woman or girl (depending on who is talking) that loves dresses and is still kick ass. Sadly, this attempt at the re-design is another step in the wrong direction and sends a very poor message to young girls. Listen up! Woman can be kick ass and wear a dress. You need more proof?


Instead of making up excuses just be straight with your fans. Are you not making enough money? Did something happen to the artist who designed the original cover? What happened? Don’t use a lame excuse. Are we not worth the truth? I know cover designs are not the fault of the author. I can only imagine what Marie Rutkoski must be feeling. I also do not blame the model on the new covers, she’s just doing a job after all. I do feel bad for the original designer, team, and model. I wonder how they feel about being replaced?
This doesn’t have to happen. There’s still time to decide to go with the original design! If they really want to use the new design use it for the paperbacks and leave the hardbacks matching. Please!
How do you feel about the new covers?

3 thoughts on “The Winner’s Trilogy Dreaded Cover Change”

    • Like I said I think it is several factors that has fans up in arms about the change. #1 because it’s the third and final book and no one ever said the covers were bad, #2 the new model on the redesign doesn’t match the character inside the story. Then I think Fierce Reads response as to needing the character to look more bad @#$ was lame and people wanted them to be honest and just say what the real issue was. Then to top everything off they basically copied the covers from The Throne of Glass series.
      I mean why would a book be redesigned before release that already had a matching cover?

  • This makes me so angry. I absolutely adored the original covers for the series, but these just don’t feel like they match the series.

    What I love about Kestrel is that she proves that intelligence and strategy are as powerful and dangerous as knives and swords (kind of like Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series), which is why I’m disappointed that they’re trying to conform her to seem like a knife-wielding badass when that simply doesn’t match her personality.

    I’m definitely going to still read it though. (I mean, after the cliffhanger at the end of Book 2, how could I not?!) Thanks for sharing though, and fabulous post! ♥

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