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Review: The Organic Artist by Nick Neddo

The Organic Artist by Nick NeddoI received this book for free via Edelweiss. While I never promised a review, one of my bookish resolutions for 2015 was to do more book reviews. This just so happens to be the last book I read in 2014 and I am extremely happy with this title. The Organic Artist by Nick Neddo is due to be released January 15th, 2015. I highly recommend this for artists, tree huggers, and those that wish to go green in 2015. I happen to be all three, so it is the perfect book for me. Seriously though, from the cover to the very end I was in awe of the easy to follow step-by-step instructions for constructing your own art supplies, tools and materials. Neddo explains how to make things from charcoal and pigments to pens, ink and even paper. What I fell in love with were the pictures – each one was so beautiful, clean, and simple. If you love Instagram as much as I do, pick up this book! It’s a perfect Instagrammers magazine.

The Organic Artist encourages artists to return to the days of using all-natural materials. It focuses on experimentation and playfulness. The “recipes” as the author refers to them, range from beginner to intermediate. All of the illustrations in the book are created by the author using materials he made himself. He is quite talented and inspiring.

The Organic Artist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organicartistbook

Where to buy the book:

Amazon http://amzn.to/1xepiwj

Book Depository http://bit.ly/1tHm1pB

Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/1CZhbH7

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