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Review: The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

KissofDeceptionThe Kiss of Deception was yet another book I read this summer told from multiple points of view. If you’ve been watching my videos on YouTube you will know how frustrated I have been with this style of writing. Obviously the reader knows there are multiple points of view, that doesn’t mean we always have or want to know them. With that being said The Kiss of Deception was a refreshing take on this.

In The Kiss of Deception, Princess Lia, seventeen, First Daughter of the House of Morrighan, flees on her wedding day. She was meant to marry a neighboring kingdom’s prince to secure political alliance. Lia was not feeling that. So on the morning of her wedding Lia and her trusted companion,Pauline make a break for it. They  ride to the town of Terravin, Pauline’s hometown, and decide that they will settle into their new lives there.  Meanwhile the stood up prince ventures out to find the princess, and an assassin is hired to find and kill her.

Both men find her in Terravin, but neither prince nor assassin reveals who they are. Lia is intrigued by both of the gentlemen and Mary E. Pearson’s brilliant idea comes into play. Just as Lia has no idea who the men are, we the readers do not either. The chapters are dived between characters either by name or by title (prince, assassin) and throughout you’re trying to find out who is who. As Lia starts falling in love you wonder if it’s the prince she was supposed to marry or the assassin sent to end her life.

Again this is a refreshing take on multiple perspectives. All the characters have depth, and the world is believable. I found myself cheering for both Rafe and Kaden (the prince & the assassin), partly because I didn’t know who was who and also because their characters were so great. Don’t worry, by the end of the book although Lia still doesn’t know the whole story you will. There is a map printed inside the cover and as the story progresses and we learn more about the different kingdoms, cities, and tribes.  Two parts I wish would have been explained more were the ancient documents that Princess Lia stole from the Chancellor and the power(s) that First Daughters have. I have high hopes for The Remnant Chronicles and I am anxiously awaiting book 2 expected sometime next year.

Characters: 5     Setting: 5     Plot: 5     Conflict/Purpose: 5     Resolution/Outcome: 5

I rated The Kiss of Deception 5/5 stars.

xoxo Gwen

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