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The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy Season 1, Ep. 2


Season 1, Ep. 2 | Aired Jan 19 | The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy

In case you missed the premiere recap, you can find that here.

My expectations lowered a lot after episode 1. I realized that the writer’s and Free Form, previously ABC Family, definitely took some liberties and made quite a few changes. I was really excited about this show. They could have taken their time and stuck closer to the original and made it great. Instead, they took elements from the beloved series and made something else entirely. Not only are there missing scenes, moments, connections between the characters, but there are plot changes, and bad acting, and cheesy lines. The list goes on and on, unfortunately.

Friendly Warning There be Spoilers here

So let’s break it down. What was good and what absolutely made me cringe?

The good (some of these are a stretch, but it’s what I came up with):

“don’t eat the food”

Isabelle’s bedroom

the food

sisterly moment between Clary & Isabelle

calling Simon “nerd hot”

“your bedside manner is abysmal”

the dialogue when they reach the City of Bones (half way decent acting between Jace, Isabelle and Alec & then Simon and Clary)

Valentine’s acting (actually believable and creepy)

the fabulous graffiti as they are walking to visit the Silent Brothers (amazing art!)

Simon’s humor

“guarding the entrance to hell”

the witch light

the statue with the mortal cup and Shadowhunter creed

the Silent Brothers were decent enough (makeup)

Shadowhunters The Mortal Instruments TV Show

And the bad (and some were very bad):

Clary’s acting & line delivery

“Simon I think Jace can help us”

“he’s not a killer he’s protecting us”

everybody’s acting sucked worse in this episode

lines so fake & cheesy

gigantic (terrible) runes on Shadowhunters

parking garage scene (boy w/ horns)

the change in Hodge’s character

stupid circle rune/curse that hurts Hodge when he talks about The Circle and/or Valentine

so the rune/curse is burning him yet he continues to talk about it inflicting more pain on himself

Luke in Clary’s “distoryed” bedroom (but the bed seems fine and some posters didn’t get burned)

“why would she need protection from Jace? He’s the ultimate protector.”

“I don’t approve this mission”

Clary’s vision via her necklace (this was just bad!!)

Clary leading the charge down the alley in search of Dot

Clary’s inability to run in heels at all

the forced explanations of things happening

Simon’s kidnapping

the missing Magnus party (sad about this!)

the early reveal that Valentine is Clary’s father from The Silent Brothers

This just gets worse with each episode. Are you still watching Shadowhunters?

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