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The Book Drop Subscription Box

The Book Drop Subscription Box

There are so many subscriptions boxes available today. Everything from sunglasses, makeup, food, clothing, and of course books are now available to be shipped right to your door. About this time last year I decided I really wanted to to get one of these book subscription box services. After much debate I decided on one that fit what I was looking for with both the book(s) and price. Since that time I have become aware of so many other book subscription box services and I wanted to know more. I thought with the holiday season right around the corner it would be a good idea for myself and hopefully you to see what is available. So I contacted The Book Drop and they kindly sent out one of their YA boxes for me to review. A huge thank you to Amanda for allowing me to review this subscription box.

The Book Drop is a subscription service run out of the back office of an independent book store in Bethany Beach, Delaware. They have 4 different boxes you can choose from: The Jane, The Ernest, Young Adult, or Children. The Jane includes Contemporary + Historical Fiction, with a sprinkling of Literary Fiction books. I wanted to give this one a try but I was so nervous that I would get a literary fiction book, and I haven’t found common ground with literary fiction yet. The Ernest consists of Thriller + Action novels, with a sprinkling of Non-Fiction books. The Young Adult consists of any young adult novel, and Children of course are books appropriate for children.  Each box has it’s own price point but but none are more than $16/month. They do send paperback books exclusively, so if you prefer hardback I would look for other options.

This subscription service is not for those of us who are huge bookworms that need all the latest and greatest titles and have a giant stack of books to read. This is for the casual reader who likes to check out books they might have not heard of and need suggestions on what to read next. Their mission is to spread the love of reading by exposing people to really amazing books. So while it might not be the subscription box for book bloggers or Booktubers I would recommend buying it for a friend who likes to read but is always asking what they should read next.

I hope this has been helpful to you and I hope to have more opportunities to review other book subscription boxes in the future. Again, a huge thank you to Amanda and the rest of the employees at Bethany Beach Books for their subscription service and for sending me a complimentary box to review.

The Book Drop

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  • I’m so glad for this post. I just checked their website and I love how they set up their subscription service. I like that you can choose the genre you want to receive. I’ll bookmark it and subscribe when I can.

    • I am glad I was able to introduce this subscription to you. I’d love to be able to visit their bookstore. They seem like such nice & friendly people 🙂

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