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The Book Buying Ban

The Book Buying Ban

It’s official. I am on a book buying ban. I never thought I would speak those words but here we are. If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube then you have witnessed the massive amount of books I have been buying. Not all of them have been full price, but regardless of the cost I’ve been piling handfuls of books onto my shelves and TBR with no end in sight. After hauling 30+ books in June (see that post here) I decided I needed to actually read some of my books before buying anymore. Plus as a private school teacher on break for the summer I won’t receive my next paycheck until the end of September.

This ban does not mean zero books, although I do hope that it means drastically less. I will not be purchasing any. I have already received 7 books this month. One from Fernweh Fiction (read all about that here), 3 from publishers, and 3 from a friend kind enough to send me some ARC’s from the annual conference for the American Librarians Association. Never fear there will be books. I will also be adding books to my wish list. The ban is in effect from July 2017 until sometime at the end of September/beginning of October 2017. Hopefully I can reduce my TBR, re-organize my bookshelves and maybe even unhaul some books that have been sitting around for far too long.

Have you ever gone on a book buying ban? Tell me all about it!

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