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Thank you ANDI’S ABCS!

Thank you ANDI’S ABCS!

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For those of you who do not know Andi of ANDI’S ABCS! you’re missing out because she is such a sweet person. She reads tons, has a great fashion sense, is crafty, and is basically badass. There I said it. So back in January Andi celebrated her 3rd year of blogging and man oh man what she’s accomplished in just 3 years is staggering. Check out her 3 Year Blogiversary post to see what I’m talking about. To celebrate her hard work and spread some cheer as Andi loves to do she did a giveaway, and guess who won? That’s right!! Yours truly. Lucky, lucky me. She sent some fabulous stuff.

Check out that flip book she handcrafted for me (above). I adore it so much. Colorful and pretty. Plus I got to learn more about Andi.

And because I could barely contain my excitement I wanted to share the other things she sent as well.

goodies from Andi

She really stuffed that box as full as it would go without ruining anything. The first thing I pulled out was the flamingo 3-ring binder. So adorable and summer ready. The flipbook handmade by Andi, the gel pens, washi tape, Starbucks ceramic mug!!, Parallel by Lauren Miller (nope haven’t read it yet), fuzzy knee high socks, NovellyYours candle in the scent Anna’s Favorite Cookies, page flags, and something I have wanted for basically forever…the leather notebook cover and Yellow Paper House notebook that fits perfectly inside. Oh did I mention it has black pages perfect for my new gel pens?! The best part about this prize pack is all of these things are related to Andi’s favorite things in some way. See I told ya she was a cool chick.

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2 thoughts on “Thank you ANDI’S ABCS!”

  • You are so sweet! I’m so happy you loved everything and that it was someone I “know” that one. I love sharing things I love with others so enjoy it all! And we are totally Starbucks tumbler twins. I have it in black and I have white and silver (I’m a mug addict!).

    • Thanks again Andi. I really do adore everything. I am wearing my knee high socks as I write this reply 🙂 Also, that tumbler is so perfect. Also I saw some flamingo string lights at Micheal’s the other day and thought of you.

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