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Supercalafragalistic I got a Kindle Voyage

Supercalafragalistic I got a Kindle Voyage

My Kindle

For the longest time I was a complete physical book reader. I rarely ever read digitally. That is until I got my fancy new Kindle Voyage a few weeks ago. I don’t have a huge library and I hope I never begin amassing more ebooks than I can read at once but it’s so great having the flexibility of reading on the go. It was definitely a splurge item but I know I will get so much use out of it and have it for many years to come. The battle between the Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage was a no-brainer for me. I’m a Voyage fan for sure.

So why did I get one?

I suppose I can blame my brother-in-law David. When he was visiting last month he had one and I was amazed at how light it was. Plus I love the e-ink. That’s something I had previously talked to Caiti about.

Secondly, as a book reviewer I often get offers to review ebooks.

So what have I read on it so far?

NetGalley has been a wonderful source for kicking off my Kindle reading. So far I have read Leave Me by Gayle Foreman (review) and Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beazley (review). I recently got accepted to read and review The Sister by Louise Jensen.

I also purchased my first ebook After the Woods by Kim Savage. If you follow me on Twitter you may remember my disappointment when I found out that my local book stores were not getting this debut novel in stores.

When do I use it?

I am using it primarily for NetGalley review purposes right now. After my physical TBR diminishes a bit I can see myself purchasing more ebooks. I definitely want to have one book available to read at any given time. For now that’s After the Woods. When I had to wait for the tow truck last weekend I fired up my Kindle. When my husband was inside the Jeep dealership and it was snowing(!!) I was snug as a abug in his Jeep reading my Kindle. I keep it in my backpack purse and take it with me everywhere just in case. I won’t be ashamed to pull it out the next time the grocery line is ridiculously long either.

Do I recommend it?

I’ve had it less than a month so I might not be super qualified to answer this question. I love mine though and see myself enjoying it for many years to come. It’s super light and the e-ink is perfect. I don’t have another e-reader to compare it to but again I really love it.

Let's Chat

Do you have an e-reader? Any other questions you have about my Kindle? Let me know and I’ll be sure to answer them.

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  • I am so happy you are enjoying your Kindle Voyage. I have a Nook Glowlight Plus and I love it, especially for traveling. I mainly use my Nook for e-ARCs from Netgalley and Edelweiss but I also buy e-books during sales. Also, I utilize my library’s Overdrive e-book loan system.

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