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Review: Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

SavetheDateSave the Date is the fourth book I have read by Mary Kay Andrews this year. You can read my thoughts about Summer Rental here , and Spring Fever here. Mary Kay Andrews has a knack for creating characters you feel like you know. The plots are varied, although rather predictable (spoiler – happy endings are Mary Kay Andrews signature).

In Save the Date Cara Kryzik, an up-and-coming floral designer is about to land the job of a lifetime. Instead of being able to focus on the prominent Savannah couple Cara ends up dealing with a broken down flower cooler, ruined flowers, a landlord than won’t fix her A/C midsummer, her father who loaned her money for the business but wants it back now, an assistant/BFF who is flaking out on her, and someone stealing her dog. Meanwhile Jack Finnerty, the mysterious dognapper shows up at the wedding Cara has been working on.

Even after Cara manages to get her dog back (turns out Jack also has a golden doodle), things just don’t go as planned. With her father constantly calling about the loan, Jack seemingly breaking her trust, and the bride-to-be spinning out of control, Cara just can’t seem to catch a break. If she can somehow over come it all and pull off the Trappnell-Strayhorn wedding all the turmoil would have been worth it.

“In the end, for everyone, “Save the Date” has more meanings than one. Told with Mary Kay Andrews’s trademark wit and keen eye for detail, Save the Date is one you won’t want to miss.”

This was a perfect summer read. It had heartache and loss, laughter, life and love.

I rated Save the Date 4/5 stars.

xoxo Gwen

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