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Review: Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews

Review: Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews

Ellis, Julia, and Dorie have been best friends since grade school. Now in their mid thirties each woman is at a crossroads in her life. Ellis was recently fired from a job she loved. Julia is caught between her modeling career and a man that loves her dearly. Dorie was recently betrayed by a man she loved and trusted most of her life.

The women rent a beach house, Ebbtide, in the Outer Banks, NC to spend the last month of summer together. Here they plan to relax, have fun and catch up with each other. Along the way they met Ty Bazemore (their landlord) and Maryn Shackleford (a woman on the run from her husband). As secrets are revealed they question everything they thought they knew about life.

4/5 Stars

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