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Review: If You Dare by A.R. Torre

Review: If You Dare by A.R. Torre

If you Dare coverIf You Dare by A.R. Torre

Published November 10th, 2015 by Redhook.


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Equal parts Dexter and 50 Shades, this is the eagerly awaited new novel from A. R. Torre, author of the award winning erotic thriller, The Girl in 6E.

The rules are the same. I can’t open the door. I can’t leave. I can’t kill anyone.

The only difference is, I don’t set the rules anymore. Guards in grey uniforms do. It is everything I never wanted and everything I always deserved. I write to you now, from a prison cell. My home for the next twenty to thirty years.

That’s the going term for murder. (Goodreads)

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Finishing this book was emotional for me. I have no idea if there will be more books in this series, but GOD I hope there are. The author, Alessandra Torre has said that she will write more if that is what the readers want. *raises  hand* Please, please, please….

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This series has easily become one of my favorites of all time. Deanna is a woman with issues, but that’s what makes her such a great character. It’s gritty, raw, and haunting in ways I had no idea would draw me in so quickly. If you don’t know by now Deanna has secluded herself entirely from the general population because she fantasizes about killing people. She’s trying to do the right thing. In each of the previous books something happens that pushes Deanna to the very edge. While The Girl in 6E and Do Not Disturb focused on some of Deanna’s twisted clients, If You Dare is much more about Deanna and her worst nightmare come to life. For the longest time she has avoided human contact. But after 3 years of delivering UPS packages to apartment 6E Jeremy is more than curious about the feisty woman inside. Now Jeremy is one of the most important people in Deanna’s life. But something has happened and now Deanna must figure out what the truth is. Told from varying time frames we have to try to figure out what exactly happened. Deanna remembers nothing but bits and pieces, but she can’t be sure if those are her fantasies or if they are memories. Then a couple of detectives knock on Deanna’s apartment door and question her about a crime. What crime? What body are they referring to? A bit of cat and mouse, a bit of gut-wrenching torture. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time. Definitely a 5-star read! The entire series has been superb from start to finish. But again please, please, please all fingers and toes crossed that there will be at least 3 more books in the series.

“To girls with broken hearts and vengeful souls. Go forth and raise hell.”

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