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Penguin Random House Shipping

Penguin Random House Shipping

The image above is not my own. It’s the first image that popped up when I typed in “Penguin Random House shipping” which is what I need today’s post to be about. This is slightly ranty so if you don’t like those posts I would close the window now and go about your day. But I have things I need to get off my chest, like now, because I can no longer accept this and say nothing.

First of all, I want to acknowledge the extreme generosity of Penguin Random House working with Blogging for Books to send me books for review. These books are sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I have reviewed quite a few titles this way and I am grateful for the opportunity. Another thing to note is that the shipping is the absolute fastest shipping I have ever had to date. Each time I receive a package from them it seems to be here overnight or within just 2 days or so. Super quick. Seriously.

Now on the reason for this post. Originally I was going to include my shipping story of woe within the review but frankly, that’s not fair to the book or author. So here it is in a separate post. I have 2 main complaints.

Is this box big enough for this book

The first is the excessive packaging. I am receiving one book at a time. Yet I still receive a huge box packed with bubble wrap and at the very bottom lies the single book. The box measures approximately 14X11, 5.5 inches deep and is definitely way larger than needed. Then I get miles of their space age “bubble” wrap. They don’t even use the bubble wrap to cushion the book. They throw the book in the box and mound the wrap on top of the book and seal it up. I can almost guarantee those boxes above are filled the same way, one book tons of packaging. In an age of consumers becoming more eco-friendly it seems that Penguin Random House shipping is doing the opposite. I break down my boxes and recycle them, but the bubble wrap is thrown away. I already have quite a stash of it. And then I review the one book and them a couple of weeks later I get another box packaged in the same way. I am unsure why Penguin Random House has not invested in smaller boxes or packing sleeves of some sort but they should look in to it.

Secondly, because of the poor packaging (lack of cushioning – see above) I get these beautiful books to review, and they are beat up before I even crack them open.

Case in point see pics below.

In this particular case, the book retails for U.S. $35.00/$40.00 CAN and now I have this bent up corner that I do not want to put on display which is sad considering it’s such a gorgeous book and would have looked lovely on my coffee table.

All it would take is a little bit of extra time and care when packaging the books. If the book was sandwiched between the bubble wrap instead of thrown in the very bottom of the box I bet the book would have a much happier journey to its new home. They might even arrive in better condition. It’s a win – win if you ask me. I would not mind slightly slower shipping if it meant I was gonna receive the book in good condition. I’m 99.9% positive no one would complain and would gladly accept those terms. Penguin Random House shipping can you work on this?

Shipping woes

Now excuse me while I grab another tissue.

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