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#otspsecretsister Revealed

#otspsecretsister Revealed


Before we get started have you seen the hashtag on Twitter? #otspsecretsister

What does it all mean?!?

#otspsecretsister or On The Same Page Secret Sister is currently in its fifth round. It is essentially a six-month-long program where each individual is sending a care package to another person. The care packages do include gifts but the program is designed to bring joy and cheer to someone’s life, and the focus is always more on being in someone’s corner and brightening their day.

I participated in rounds 3 & 4 and I just got my 5th round match this past weekend. Pairing Day is so much fun! Lots and lots of Twitter and email refreshes.

The three ladies behind the scenes of the project BrittanyAlyssa, and Amy are amazing hosts and great friends in real life.

Are you already too excited?

I know. I know. I get it. Round 5 just started. It will run through January 2017. But the next sign ups are sure to follow. In the meantime, you have some homework to do. First follow all the hosts on Twitter: @bookaddictguide, @withthebanned, and @trippingbooks. Also, make sure to follow the main Twitter @galsonthesamepg. Now get to chatting. Strike up a conversation with the hosts and get to know them and more about the project. Follow the hashtag #otspsecretsister on Twitter & Instagram to see all the cheer. Ask questions. Send tweets of encouragement even if you aren’t signed up. Make friends with other people participating. Read up on all the FAQ’s from previous rounds and see if you will be committed to the project. Rules and requirements adjust each round so make sure to read carefully!

Be grateful.

It’s amazing receiving a package curated just for you by your secret sister. I’m not going to lie, it brings so much joy to my day seeing that package arrive on my doorstep. I have been super blessed each round so far with who I sent to and who I received from. Packages can be themed or non-themed it’s really up to the sister sending, but honestly, if you’re anything like me it’s just the thought that someone out there was specifically thinking of me when they choose those particular goodies and sent them to me.

Some of the Round 4 packages I received!

Garden #otspsecretsister package
Secret Garden themed
Adventure #otspsecretsister package
Adventure themed
Writers #otspsecretsister package
Writers themed
mystery reveal package #otspsecretsister
Mystery themed

Today I received my last package from my Round 4 secret sister…….Jennifer @2many2read. She has absolutely blown me away each month with her creativity and themes. She remained a mystery the entire time and I loved it! I had a tiny bit of a suspicion but I was never quite sure. She did an awesome job keeping me guessing until the very end!



Still have questions? Ask on Twitter using the hashtag #otspsecretsister. Everybody is so nice and welcoming. Check out this post as well. Have fun and hope to see you next round!

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