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Mood Board Monday: The Girls by Emma Cline

Mood Board Monday: The Girls by Emma Cline

Mood Board Monday The Girls by Emma Cline

The Girls by Emma Cline

  • Who was your favorite character in the book?

Evie Boyd and Suzanne.

  • Did you pick any specific characters or scenes to be represented in your Moodboard?

summer, 1969, hippie commune, the van, book cover, quote

  • Did your Mood Board take a specific color scheme? If you actively chose one, why did you chose that specific color?

used filters and light leaks to make it look more vintage.

  • Was there a picture that you just couldn’t find to incorporate into your mood board? If you can answer it with little to no spoilers, tell us how it related to the book!

this mood board only reflects half of the story. the summer of 1969 portion.

  • If you read the book, what was your rating for it? Link us to your review if you have one!

I actually gave this book a rather low rating (2/5 stars) but it had some great quotes and the atmosphere of the 1969 bits was pretty fantastic.  If you would like to read my full thoughts check out my review.

Mood Board Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Sheridan at I Turn the Pages.

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