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Inspired by a Trip to the Bookstore

Inspired by a Trip to the Bookstore

Today’s post truly is inspired by my trip to Barnes & Noble today. I was determined to use the 20% off coupon I received in my inbox a few days ago. Did you get the coupon? Did you use it? What did you get?

Before we get in to today’s post though I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I spent the day with my husband and in-laws for lunch and then once I got home I finished listening to A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray on audio book.

As I headed to said bookstore I had no idea what I would walk out with. I had a few books in mind and as always I have my ever growing wish list I can always refer to, but in times like these (20% off random coupons) I tend to go for what draws me in. I walk around and browse my usual sections and snap pictures at gorgeous covers, maps, and interesting finds, or books I want to look up when I return home. I immediately went for A Gathering of Shadows, then put it down when I saw Wink Poppy Midnight. Then I put it down and continued browsing for 2017 YA thriller/mysteries. Nothing caught my eye so I headed over to the fiction area and quickly ended up in the small corner near the magazines – Poetry. If you have been watching any of my recent YouTube videos you will know that I have been purchasing quite a bit of poetry this year. I have amassed just over 20 collections now. As I browsed the tiny section I noticed my eyes taking their time soaking in the covers and the titles. Pulling out a few to glance at, to admire, to flip through. The Type by Sarah Kay stood out and I meandered over to the worn wooden chair and read it right there in the store. I’ve never done that, but in that moment it felt right. It’s a short poem about empowerment and the complicated reality of being a woman. Right there in Barnes & Noble, next to the cookbooks I devoured it & promptly rated it 4 stars. It’s short sweet & quite powerful.

Finally, I decided on The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace and then Chaser of the Light: Poems From the Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson caught my eye. I tucked both under my arm and proceeded to the register. As I produced my coupon and membership card the cashier noted that she has been working for Barnes & Noble for over 8 years and now more than ever poetry is selling. She asked (in a round about way) what I thought might contribute to the sudden influx of sales. I only had to briefly think about it. I mean I truly do not know the answer, but I gave her my reason. I told her that with the popularity of milk & honey maybe people were realizing that poetry isn’t half bad and are finally giving it a chance. Then I said that I didn’t think milk & honey was all that great. She seemed to accept my reasoning. I guess she has read it because she said it wasn’t at all what she thought it would be and she was shocked at the amount of young kids getting a copy.

That got me thinking about my own interest in poetry and yes, I have to thank milk & honey for that. Even though I wasn’t a fan. I thought it was rather average if you care to know. I believe it was the first time in a very long time I read modern poetry and (bonus) it had illustrations. Pictures make everything better. Restaurant menus? Better with pictures. Why shouldn’t poetry be the same? The answer seems so simple. Why the sudden popularity in poetry? It is more approachable and yes, pretty pictures (or illustrations).

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