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How To: Curate A Themed Bookish Box

How To: Curate A Themed Bookish Box

Subscription services seem to be at an all-time high – at least from my corner of the world they do. There are so many subscription services available. If you’re looking for something in particular, chances are it’s out there. Do you love fun colorful socks? Then try out The Sock Box from Woven Pear. Do you have a green thumb? Would you adore cute cacti, succulents, and air plants delivered to your doorstep monthly? Then you might be interested in the Cactus Crate. What about coloring? Tea? Vegan products? Beauty products? Music? Gaming? Fitness? They are available.

Let’s focus on book subscription services though. After all, this is a book blog. I have been a loyal subscriber of Uppercase Box since January 2015. I’ve also been lucky to receive Chroma.Club, The Book Drop box, The Book(ish) Box by Appraising Pages, and the BookCase Club box to review. I love receiving snail mail and getting books in the mail just takes the cake! There are two types of bookish boxes. The first is the unthemed box. This is an excellent choice because the curator is not tied down to a theme and can include whichever goodies they desire. The contents can span different fandoms and different genres and basically have whatever they want. The second of course is the themed box. These are really popular, especially if you know the theme ahead of time and can purchase a box when you know it is going to be themed by a particular fandom, author, or book, etc.

Unthemed example:

Uppercase May 2016
Uppercase May 2016 photo by @hollyslittlebookreviews

Themed example:

Owlcrate May 2016
OwlCrate May 2016 photo by @newleafwriter

As someone that has received both types of bookish boxes from subscription services and the #otspscretsister project I thought it would be nice to impart some tips for curating your very own bookish box. You can send it as a gift or treat yourself and make one for yourself. Personally, the process is half the fun.

step 1

Pick a price point and a theme. Again the theme can be based on just about anything. One thing I like to do if I am curating a themed box for my #otspsecretsister is look over his/her wish list and see what book(s) they want and base the theme off of the book cover or the book’s theme. Other options include a color , holiday, hobby, or fandom theme.

step 2

Purchase the main item for the box. If you’re doing a bookish box this will most likely be the book.

If you’re doing a gamer’s box it might be a video game. Or if you’re doing a pet themed box maybe it’s the treats or a new leash.

step 3

Purchase small trinkets/extras. This is my favorite part and truly where a theme comes together. Tip #1: Never forget the central theme.  Tip #2: Think outside the box. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas:

how to curate a bookish box example 2
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater + a mint plant + a Tarot deck
How to curate a bookish themed box example 1
seeds + The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson + decorative skeleton key(s)
How To Curate A Themed Bookish Box example 3
dog leash + emoji stickers + The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

step 4





Don’t forget fabulous packaging! Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and secure with ribbon, lace, twine, or washi tape. Layer tissue paper, toss in confetti or decorate the box itself. How fun would it be to receive The Raven Boys box (from above) with feathers tossed in? Or The Secret Garden box (from above) with this wrapping paper? Or The Unexpected Everything box (from above) with this confetti?

the results





Book to Movie Adaptation Theme
Book to Movie Adaptation Theme
Harry Potter Fandom Theme
Harry Potter Fandom Theme
Book Vibes Theme
Book Vibes Theme

So there you have it – my guide to curate an awesome bookish themed box. I hope this has been helpful in some way. Maybe you’re participating in the #otspsecretsister project or you have a friend whose birthday is coming up. Don’t forget the holidays are right around the corner too! At the very least maybe you got some ideas for styling Instagram photos.

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So what do you think? Themed or unthemed? What theme would you curate? Send me your pictures @lavendermud!

8 thoughts on “How To: Curate A Themed Bookish Box”

  • I love this!!! I’m always trying to think of awesome themes for otspsecretsister so this is perfect! And OMG I WANT THOSE TAROT CARDS! I almost bought a set at BaM the other day and ended up putting them back, I’m totally regretting that now 🙁

  • Great post! I tend to pick a theme and then chose a book from her list that matches up. I have never tried doing it book first but I should try it. I think I would end up doing a lot of things the same color as the book. I dont think Im good at out of the box thinking like a little plant with TRB. I do love curating themes though. I think I have all mine picked for this round already. My favourite is the ‘what we have in common’ theme and ‘5 senses’ theme.

    • What’s great about picking things like the mint plant (or mint gum) and including it with The Raven Boys is if they haven’t read the book it’s sorta a mystery as to why it was included or they think oh they just sent this how cool but then they get to that part of the book and BAM they get it.
      Thanks for sharing your theme ideas 🙂

  • I love all of these ideas. I used to send a friend of mine who lives in New York themed gifts. One fun theme I did was everything was related to the color red. It gives you a wider range, but it still pulls it together.

    I’m taking part in the #otspsecretsister event this round as well. I’d really like to do a theme based around a book on my sister’s wish list. Themes are just fun for me! 🙂


    • I love color themes! Last round I sent Christy a red/white/blue themed box for July.
      Hopefully this helped get those creative juices flowing for theme ideas.

  • Excellent advice! I love doing themed boxes…as you discovered last round of #OTSPsecretsister. I’ve even given themed gifts for birthdays & Christmas to family & friends in the past. It’s so much fun and I love getting creative! With yours, sometimes your book wishlist inspired me and other times I picked a book that would fit my theme. Occasionally, I mix things up and just go rogue and send random things…but there usually is a reason behind everything picked.

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