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How To: Bookstagram – Props 101

How To: Bookstagram – Props 101

Bookstagram Props 101

Let me start by saying I am in no way an expert on #bookstagram or props for #instagram. Someone asked on Twitter the other day what props were really popular/most used for #bookstagram or some ideas for props and I told her exactly what I am going to share with you right now.

  • food
  • stuff from nature
  • and flowers (real or fake)
  • confetti
  • notebooks
  • paperweights

Someone else said candles and decor from their library. Another person said a cup of tea is their trick. Yes, all of those work as well. Basically, anything and everything you have on hand can and will become a prop at one point or another.

For starters you’ll need a “base” or location where you’re going to set everything up. For flat lays like the ones pictured above, I suggest going to the Dollar Store and getting some foam board. I chose white because I like the majority of my backgrounds to be white. They do have foam board in other colors. You can also use rolls of wrapping paper or a white sheet, blanket, etc. I have even used a cream sweater before. Lately however, it’s been the white foam board.

Next, you’ll need the books you want to take pictures of. Five of the six pictures above were based on books with a certain color. Choose how you want your picture to look. Do you want it messy with lots of books and props or minimal? I do a mix of both.

After you have your book(s) choose your props (or maybe it’s the other way around). If I am doing a challenge then I am choosing my books first most likely. Other times I may want to showcase a prop but more times than not I choose the book first. But you do you.

Then I start arranging the books on the base. I finish off with the props. As you start taking pictures feel free to move things around between shots. Take pictures from different angles too.

A few more prop ideas:

  • scarves
  • glasses
  • anything you’re drinking
  • mugs
  • your bookshelf
  • trinket boxes
  • baskets
  • wooden crates
  • old pages from a book (for the base)
  • any office supplies (pencils, pouches, washi tape, etc.)
  • your phone
  • a camera
  • Funko Pops
  • your pet
  • bows
  • jewelry
  • make-up
  • buttons
  • pins
  • lace
  • pom poms
  • bookmarks
  • yarn/string
  • a globe
  • a typewriter
  • floral decor
  • newspaper
  • potted plants/succulents
  • skeleton keys
  • fairy lights
  • maps

I hope this has been helpful. Like I said I am no expert. I started my account with zero props and slowly started accumulating props as time went on. And I still experiment with new props and ideas all the time. Now gather those props and some books and start taking some pictures. To find more props ideas follow me @lavendermud.

4 thoughts on “How To: Bookstagram – Props 101”

  • I use a wooden white board that I have.
    I actually just started taking ‘bookstagram’ photos but have been putting them on Pinterest 🙂
    The props I have used includes:
    Lip balm
    Lava lamp
    Haur clips

    That may not be good, but I like to take photos

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