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Gift Guide: Bookish Stationery & Office Supplies

Bookish Gift Guide stationary and office supplies

1. Mischief Managed! stamp // 2. Pencils // 3. Listography Notebook // 4. Postcards

5. Magnetic bookmarks // 6. Bookplates // 7. Notebook // 8. Bookends // 9. Personalized stationery

Today I am sharing the 2nd installment of my 2015 Bookish Gift Guide series. The first one was all about candles. Now I am sharing some stationery and office supplies for the book lover in your life (or yourself). First of all if you like any of these suggestions click the link above and it will take you right to the particular product pictured. However, maybe you want postcards but you’re not a Jane Austen fan. Check out the postcards from Penguin, The New YorkerBibliophilia, or the multitude of other postcard sets available on Amazon. Same thing goes with the bookmarks. It actually took me awhile to be a fan of magnetic bookmarks, but now I just want all of them. Some great Etsy stores to check for magnetic bookmarks are HappyHelloCo (pictured above), Craftedvan, and for a fabric version check out JosBookBaubles. The ideas are limitless. Hope this guide gives you some ideas. Make sure to check back next Friday for the 3rd installment of my 2015 Bookish Gift Guide series.

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