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Gift Guide | Book Lovers

Bookish Gift GuideIf you have anyone on your shopping list who is a book lover I highly recommend a book (of course) and one or two things from my Bookish Gift Guide.

Jar candles from Fandlemonium.

Library Stamped Sweatshirt from Out of Print.

100 Jane Austen Postcards from Amazon.

Banned Book socks from Uncommon Goods.

A Literary Scarf from Uncommon Goods.

Library Embosser from Neiman Marcus.

Library Letters from Anthropologie.

An awesome mermaid bookmark from UpTownYvette on Etsy.

2015 Planner from Kate Spade.

Writer’s Remedy Jar from Amazon.

If you need more ideas let me know I have plenty.

xoxo Gwen



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