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Forget March Madness Let’s Chat about May Madness!!

Forget March Madness Let’s Chat about May Madness!!

It may seem like I dropped off the face of the social media planet. If you subscribe to me on YouTube or follow me on Snapchat then you’ll know exactly what I have been up to. For starters, I am pretty sure moving has taken up the majority of my time. My husband and I bought our first home and moved DIY style. It’s been a process. I also saw my best friend graduate college, went to her graduation party, celebrated one of my sorority sisters birthdays and worked. I have received books to review and have done very little reading this month. I can’t wait until I am fully unpacked (does that ever happen?) so I can start my new normal. Currently, all my books are either in bags or boxes sitting in the guest bedroom waiting for me to buy and build new bookshelves. I hate that the closest IKEA is 4 hours from me but I could always pay the addition $100 and have them shipped, but money is tight as you can imagine so I haven’t sorted how that’s gonna happen quite yet.

So yes it’s been crazy here in my corner of the world. In fact, today is one of 5 days the entire month it has not rained. We’ve seriously had so much rain I thought I moved to Seattle instead of just across town. Moving in the rain with lower temperatures sucks. My back hurts, my feet hurt, even my fingers hurt. I had to remove my rings about a week ago because they were so uncomfortable. Today is the first day I haven’t felt like total crap all day. Work went fairly smooth and I just got back from taking my dog for a walk. I figured I would pop in and let you know I hope to be back sooner rather than later. I miss making videos, writing these posts and most of all you guys. This afternoon my best friend and her husband are going to help us get the final load of our stuff over here. Then I can quickly run a vacuum over the carpets and wipe off the counters at our apartment and be done with things there. As happy as I am about the new place seeing our old apartment all emptied out makes me a tad sad but I’ll have this new house looking like ours in no time.

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May Madness

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