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Dead Man’s Party Season 1, Ep. 3

Episode 3

Season 1, Ep. 3 | Aired Jan 26 | Dead Man’s Party

Friendly Warning There be Spoilers here

I have been recapping episode by episode and honestly I have very little to say about this show anymore. Dead Man’s Party is the Shadowhunter’s trying to rescue Simon from the vampires. Nothing else happens. In the book, this scene is actually rather short lived, but starts with a party at warlock Magnus Bane’s house. From there Simon is accidently taken to the vampire lair and Clary and Jace go after him. Instead, in the TV show, of course, everything happens completely different and there is no party and Simon is no mouse and in the end of the episode the vampires let Simon go. What the heck?

In my 1st and 2nd recaps, I broke it down the good and the bad. I will not be doing that anymore. The bad still outweighs the good by a landslide. The sets are terrible, the acting is horrid, the dialogue is just cheesy and poorly delivered, boring plot is dragged out, there’s missing scenes that I was looking forward to, and overall there are added elements that do not fit with the book series at all (or at least City of Bones). Halfway through the episode, I disconnected the show from the book series and I tried to watch it as a completely new show with absolutely no expectations. I thought that would help me get at least a bit of entertainment from it. I was wrong. Because of everything that Shadowhunters is doing horrible it is clunky and confusing.

Were they throwing sex at us in order to blind us from the fact that this episode sucked, that each episode has sucked? It didn’t work.

Simon throwing that blade would never have happened.

Do the runes get bigger with each episode?

Is Hodge’s circle curse going to cripple him each time he says Valentine’s name? It’s so lame.

That scene with Izzy and the elf/fairy was horrible. So trashy and horrible, horrible make-up.

I seriously don’t know if I can continue wasting an hour watching this crap when I could be doing so many other things like painting my nails and watching the polish dry.

Is anyone even remotely interested in this trash anymore?

My thoughts exactly

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