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Commenting 365 Challenge

Commenting 365 Challenge

The Commenting 365 Challenge is hosted by Noriย from readwritelove28.com. The challenge is to visit and comment on 365 blogs this year. It doesn’t mean I’ll be commenting every day, but it does challenge me to visit 365 blogs and leave some love in the comment section. As Nori said it might seem like a large number, but I am confident if I work hard and stay focused on the task I can accomplish this. As a relatively new blog with a very small following, I think this will help me meet a bunch of bloggers and possibly even meet some new friends along the way. I signed up to get the master list, but I am hoping I can add a few other blogs in there as well. I want to visit as many blogs as possible.

I am extending this challenge to BookTube as well. Last year I challenged myself to become more interactive in the community and I absolutely succeeded in meeting that goal. If I had to estimate I commented on 40% of the videos I watched. I also noticed an increase in followers and activity in the comment section of my videos.

So expect to see me around the blogging and BookTube community bebopping my way around. I’ll be popping by to leave you some love in the comments. It’s never too late to join the challenge!

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