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Cold Summer by Gwen Cole | Aesthetic Board & Quotes

Cold Summer by Gwen Cole | Aesthetic Board & Quotes
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Sometimes when you go through things, you bottle them up inside and try to act like everything is fine. Because you want to forget they ever happened. But you have to trust me when I say that doesn’t work. In order for you to move on, you have to let them out. ― Gwen Cole, Cold Summer


Some people fight through it, and some people choose not to by ignoring it. It’s up to them to get through it, and we can only support and love them. ― Gwen Cole, Cold Summer

For starters, if you haven’t read my review of Cold Summer yet go do that and then come back to admire this aesthetic board I created for one of my favorites reads of the year so far. While this story definitely set it’s own mood I imagined even more. I definitely picked up a small town vibe that may or may not have been there. So as I was collecting photos to use I searched for specifics but I also hunted for the vibes I got while reading. That’s what I believe makes this board so unique. I definitely had to have Uncle Jasper’s barn where he works on cars, and WWII pictures because they are such a big part of Kale’s story, and my favorite Kale’s Mustang. I also wanted to have a river to signify certain ahem parts of the story. Oh and that chair tucked in the bottom left hand corner? I can almost guarantee that exact chair is sitting in Uncle Jasper’s kitchen.

If you haven’t read Cold Summer yet I highly recommend it. It blows my mind this was Gwen Cole’s debut novel. And the good news? She has another book, Ride On set for spring 2018.

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