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Camp NANOWRIMO 2016 Update | Inspiration

Camp NANOWRIMO 2016 Update | Inspiration

In case you missed it I announced earlier this month that I would be participating in Camp NANOWRIMO. From the very beginning, I had a lot of questions on how to move forward, if I could actually do this, and how to go about it. Instead of getting caught up in all the details I forged ahead and I am sitting at 10,460 words as of April 15th. That’s pretty amazing. One of my main struggles was inspiration. As I said in the introductory post I knew the basis of my story but names, places, and basic inspiration would have to hit me, and believe me when I say it hit. It’s almost like all I had to do was ask the universe and it delivered. Today I wanted to share some of the things that inspired me to go forth and write despite my fears. My hope is that if you’re seeking some inspiration this just might be the post for you.

The Anatomy of Curiosity

The Anatomy of Curiosity by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, & Brenna Yovanoff

The follow-up to the acclaimed title The Curiosities: A Collection of Stories by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff.

In an unassuming corner of Brooklyn, a young woman learns to be ladylike, to love context, and to speak her mind from a very curious sort of tutor.

In a faraway land convulsed by war, a young soldier hears the desert’s curious hum as he disarms bombs with the person he doesn’t know how to love.

In a place so shriveled by drought that any drowning is a curiosity, a young writer tries again and again to tread water beneath the surface of a vast and unusual sea.

Three new stories—complete with commentary on the creative process—from three acclaimed young adult authors working at the height of their powers.

Curious? (Goodreads)

What I love about this book is it fell into my hands. Seriously. It jumped from the shelves in Barnes & Noble into my hands. Saving it from it’s plummet to the floor I was awed by the bright and colorful cover (also, I might have a slight obsession with Maggie Stiefvater).  I started reading it right there in the store. I rarely if ever do that. What makes this book so special is you get three short stories AND each story has commentary from the writers about their creative process right in the margins of the story. It’s like getting a pep talk from the professionals. I have not had a chance to read through each of the stories or all of the commentary yet, but this 100% helped me over my first hurdle.

Josie (1)

This model is gorgeous! I found this image browsing Pinterest and she became my main character jacket and all in some scenes. She still wears the flowy dress from my introductory post. Don’t worry. But this model is everything. I hope I do her justice. I found several other pictures of her and have them all saved for inspiration.

So at this point I was doing well with my characters and names but I was struggling with my world. I knew basically what I wanted it to look like but BAM! inspiration in the form of visuals hit and I haven’t turned back since. After four days of typing away, getting words down I was bedridden with a 24-hour bug. I didn’t write one single word that day. It had me a bit discouraged until I decided to binge watch some Netflix and settled on The Returned. From the very opening I saw my world taking shape in front of my eyes. I knew I was meant to be home sick and watching that exact show the minute I laid eyes on that forest.

The Returned

Plus I found inspiration for two of my other main characters. The show was actually interesting so that was a bonus. The Returned focuses on a small town that is turned upside down when several local people, who have been long presumed dead suddenly reappear, having not aged and unaware of their own fatality. As they attempt to resume their lives, strange phenomena, and gruesome murders begin to occur. Sadly, I do not think it will continue for another season. I got my inspiration though!

So if you’re struggling with inspiration don’t give up. It will come. Read good books, watch TV, browse the internet, but most importantly just keep writing.

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Where do you get your writing inspiration from? Are you participating in Camp NANOWRIMO? Let me know in the comments!

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