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Booktube Channel?

2booksThe majority of time I spend on YouTube I am watching “BookTubers”.  They do hauls, reviews, tags, etc. centered around books.  I absolutely love to read and I get tons of inspiration about which books to buy from the reviews and hauls I watch.  Last fall I challenged myself to start reading one book a month regardless of my crazy schedule.  It ended up being easy to do and it reminded me that I miss books and reading.  Since that time I estimate I have purchased around 50 books.  I have been reading steadily, but still have a shelf full of books TBR.

So now the question is:  Should I start a BookTube channel?

My dad has a channel on YouTube and while his content is something I probably would not watch, I still think it is pretty cool how into it he is.  I recently visited him (and my mom) and got to see his set up and talk to him about his videos.  Some of them have me in complete laughing fits.  The image of my dad dancing or a facial expression he makes and I just die.  While I was visiting, my dad helped me create an intro and outtro  for my own channel.  I was super excited about it until I got home to my small apartment and realized finding a place to shoot a video would be challenging.  I don’t want can’t afford to invest in fancy equipment unless I know for sure this is something I can see myself continuing.  Further is the fact that I just do not feel comfortable in front of the camera, yet.  Maybe that comes with time and practice?

Since I have considered filming I have read and watched videos with tips for newbies.   I feel like I would have  good content.  I don’t know if I would get subscribers, but it’s more about challenging myself to do something out of my comfort zone and share my love of books (Patricia Cornwell, Rainbow Rowell, Mary Kay Andrews, YA, Adult, Chick Lit, etc).  I  have a large collection of children’s books and could mix those in as well.  So I do think I have something extra I could bring to the BookTube community, but being confident with the sound of my voice and the way I look on camera…. that’s another story.  So will I actually go through with it and publish a video?  I am not sure.  I am working on finding a good spot to film and so forth.  I have even picked out the BookTube Newbie Tag as my first video.  I guess only time will tell if I get up the nerve and actually go for it.

xoxo Gwen


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