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Books & Reading

One of the few things I can remember and loved about my childhood is reading.  I remember getting my own library card and going with my stepmother to the library and checking out books.  I remember getting books for Christmas and sitting in front of our kerosene heater and finishing the book in one sitting.  Ah, those were the days.  The Babysitter’s Club was the first series I actually read.  My stepmother spoke of Nancy Drew and I of course checked those out as well.  By the time I was 11 or 12 I was reading true crime, mystery and law books by Patricia Cornwell and John Grisham. I still read Patricia Cornwell (the Kay Scarpetta series) religiously.  I am slightly behind on the series, but I have them!  For Christmas I even got a signed copy of Dust (the newest in the series).  I about died with joy. With the new semester started I do hope I can find the time to continue reading, even if it’s just at night before I make myself shut the book and turn off the lights. What books have you been reading?  What is your favorite book?  Any recommendations?

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