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Bookish Halloween Costumes

Bookish Halloween costumes

A hybrid of Pagan, Celtic, Catholic and ancient Roman traditions, Halloween is believed to date back to the Iron Age (around 800-600 BC). When I was younger I used to love playing dress up and almost all of my costumes were a mismatch of what we had on hand at home to create a costume. I remember being a hobo one year. My mom burned the end of a cork to get the dusty dirty look on my face. One year I was Jem because I was obsessed with her. I temporarily dyed my hair pink, wore leg warmers with a denim skirt, and thought I looked so cool. It was freezing that year. I know I was a cheerleader at least one year, because at the time I really was a cheerleader so I already had the perfect “costume”. I don’t honestly remember too many other costumes. As I grew up I rarely dressed up for Halloween, and I have never been to a costume party. The last time I dressed up for Halloween was in 2009 I believe.

Now I much prefer to stay home and hand out candy. Last year my husband and I played a little game called every time we see an Elsa costume we take a shot of moonshine. I don’t remember last Halloween, but all the people I text definitely remember (including my parents). This year I plan to hand out candy again, but there will be no moonshine involved. I found some great bookish costumes via Pinterest that I think would be fairly easy to create with things you might already have on hand. Use them as inspiration or of course create your own. Tweet me your bookish costumes @lavendermud. I truly would love to see.

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