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Review: Black Light by Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan and Stephen Romano

blacklightThe debut thriller by the writers of the SAW franchise, Blacklight, is probably the worst book I have read all year. I absolutely love the SAW movies and knew the minds of these writers had to have some twisted thoughts swirling around. I thought it would be a perfect October read. I was expecting scary, twisted, demented even. I got NONE of that. I had to force myself through this book and by the end I was pissed off at myself. From the first chapter I knew the style and the story was not going to be anything I expected, but I pushed on waiting for it to get scary or good even. Halfway through I was positive the story was set in motion to make a big turn. It never happened. I kept thinking this story would probably be better told as a movie, but I don’t even know if they would be able to pull off what the book describes without some cheesy special effects.
The main character, Buck is not easily understood or explained. The other characters barely get described in more than a few sentences. There is no character building. Instead we follow Buck on his quest to WHO FRICKING KNOWS?!?!?! Serious I could not follow the plot at all. I remember a super fast train, lots of “marks”, The Pull, and Buck being good at what he does…..
The beginning was confusing, the middle was a huge build up to nothing, and the ending was rushed.

Not a good October read, or an anytime read. Skip this one altogether!

Characters – 2     Setting – 3 (just for the fast train)     Plot – 1     Conflict/Purpose – 2     Resolution/Outcome – 1

I am probably being too generous with some of those scores. I almost feel bad about how bad this book is.

I rate Blacklight 1/5 stars.

xoxo Gwen

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