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Beautiful Endpapers

Beautiful Endpapers

What is an endpaper

Endpapers don’t make or break the story inside a book, but they sure do add to the pretty packaging of a book. Most often while book shopping the first thing you’ll see is the cover or spine of the book. So a lot goes into the design of those features, understandably. But one of my favorite hidden surprises about books are the endpapers. If I crack open a book and find beautiful endpapers, I’m sold. Oh! how I adore pretty endpapers. It’s that added bonus that just makes us, the reader feel spoiled and I like to be spoiled, especially when it comes to books.

So let’s take a look at some gorgeous endpapers. These are some endpapers from books on my own shelves, and one I found at the library recently.

Fairest by Marissa Meyers endpapersFairest by Marissa Meyers

Falling Kingdoms endpapersFalling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

The Grownup endpapersThe Grownup by Gillian Flynn

The New Bohemians cover and endpapersThe New Bohemians: Cool & Collected Homes by Justina Blakeney

I have a few more I would like to share with you, but I’ll save those for next week. So check back next Thursday for more beautiful endpapers that I adore. In the meantime share some of your favs with me.

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