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Baltimore Book Festival

Baltimore Book Festival

After more than a year of writing book reviews and making bookish videos I thought it was time to venture to my first ever book festival. Lucky for me I had a place to stay for free (my parents) and one of my sorority sisters was willing to go on the road trip with me. It was a way for us to spend time together, but also get to the festival. I had no expectations for the book festival as I have never been to one, and overall it was a fun experience. There were lots of children’s authors and adult writers, but the one age bracket missing was young adult. Since that is the majority of what I read I was disappointed. Jennifer L Armentrout was there, but I have yet to read one of her books. I thought maybe I would finally be able to get my hands on her Lux series but they only had the final book, Opposition, by the time I got to the booth. They had quite a few discounted book booths. They had one booth all books $4 and they had two booths that were selling new books 2 for $15. I picked up two books at the $4 booth: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. I tried finding something at either of the 2 of $15 booths but the one book I wanted the cover was all bent and pretty much destroyed.

I did make connections with a few new to me authors though, and that was extra cool. Rachel Rawlings, Ginger Sharp, and Matthew William Jones were great fun. Sadly, I hadn’t read anything by any of them, but I was able to ask them about their books and get some character info, setting info, and info about their series in general. I hope I get the chance to talk to them again after I read their books I picked up. Baltimore Book Festival was decent just not nearly enough young adult authors were represented for me to fully love this festival. Maybe next year there will be more, and I will have a better idea of what to expect. Until next year Baltimore!authors at the baltimore book festival

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