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Audiobook Experience – Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

Audiobook Experience – Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

As I write this I am exporting my review of Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. I posted a video a few days ago about what I was currently reading. One of the 4 books was Stars Above. Let me preface this by saying I loved The Lunar Chronicles. Really and truly I adored the characters and the world was unlike anything I had ever read. Maybe that’s because I don’t often read fantasy or sci-fi but regardless I loved the series. I was so excited when I heard that these short stories were being published in novel format. I believe most of them were available online (maybe on Meyers blog). The major hype of the book was the wedding short story and that’s the sole reason I was dying to get my hands on a copy.

When I finally did get a copy it sat unread and unloved on my bookshelf for a very long time. So finally when March rolled around I decided it was time. I had no idea that it would be a complete struggle to be immersed or that I would keep putting it off day after day, week after week.Finally I decided to temporarily DNF it. It sat on my bedside table haunting me. After April rolled around I knew I had to make some progress in the books piling up on my bedside table. So I made the aforementioned “currently reading” video. From there I decided to needed to do something about Stars Above. Either I was going to read it or I was going to slip it back on the shelf unread. So I did something spontaneous and got the audiobook via the Overdrive app. If you haven’t heard of Overdrive it’s an app that links with your local library (the ones you have library cards to) and lets you borrow ebooks and audiobooks from the comfort of your home. As a reader who rarely reads ebooks or audiobooks it’s a great app because it’s free.

I’ll start off by saying that I have completed all of the short stories now and I genuinely do not think I could have done it without the audiobook. I did opt to read along as I listened. I had never done that before but I think I will try it again if the opportunity presents itself. It wasn’t a wonderful, super great experience but it wasn’t horrible either. The good? I got the book read, I was able to “read” it much faster, I did not have to DNF Stars Above. The bad? The narrator did use different tones for different characters but it was never consistent, the text and the audio did not always match. There were no HUGE differences but it would often take me out of the story. So overall I am glad I tried something fairly new to complete a task and I am happy I was able to experience all of the short stories. There were nine in total and as you probably guessed the wedding one was the last one. I even got a bit teary -eyed. There was also the first couple of chapters of Heartless both in the book and included in the audiobook and I allowed myself to listen to the first chapter of that. Maybe that will be my next audiobook experience. What do you think?

Do you listen to audiobooks often? Do you read along? Let me know your best audiobook tips too.

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