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7 More Bookstagram Accounts You Should Follow

7 more bookstagram accounts

Last week I shared 7 #bookstagram accounts that I believe everyone should be following. It was super hard to narrow down, but I tried giving some love to the accounts that didn’t have 10K+ followers. It’s hard to imagine there are accounts with more than that. Some much more. After all we’re taking pictures of books. I know people spend hours, days, maybe even weeks setting up the perfect shot, taking hundreds of pictures from different angles, and then editing the crap out of it. There are some accounts that are sponsored or represent a company. More power to them for being able to combine a hobby and make a bit of money or get free things. Not all of these accounts have nearly that many followers, but I wanted to share 7 more accounts that I believe everyone should follow. Today’s recommendations include:



Andie has over 34K followers. Her photos are amazing. She is an affiliate and rep and has some of the best props.


Brittany is the creator of #weeklybookstagram. She also co-organizes and runs #otspsecretsister.


Ah Rebecca’s feed is simply stunning. Her use of different filters for the season is spot on.



One of my absolute favorites. Great use of color and props.readingoncloud9


With over 26K followers Karmen is another Instagram superstar. Again use of color and props is on point.readthebbook


Tina actually takes her books outdoors to get great shots. (excuse the photo I choose…)twirlingpages


Another one of my absolute favorites. I love the ones of her sitting on her bed (her wall just rocks!)

I hope you enjoyed my #bookstagram recommendations. Hopefully you found a new account or two. I would love it if you would also check out my account @lavendermud. Don’t forget to leave me recommendations in the comments.

Who is your favorite #bookstagrammer?

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