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7 Bookstagram Accounts You Should Follow

7 Bookstagram accounts you should follow

Photographing a plate of food, the sunset, your #ootd, and even books have taken social media by storm. Instagram launched October 2010 and since then people have been posting pictures religiously hoping you’ll double tap and “like” their photo. More than the red heart associated with a like, people are using Instagram as a way to connect with others who share their hobby. For us book lovers it’s all about the #bookstagram. I’ve been using Instagram for over 2 years (it’s hard to get an exact date). I began with posting pictures of everyday things – getting together with friends, sorority events, my pets, basically it was a snapshot into my life so to speak. I posted pictures with and without make-up. I posted pictures with and without filters. I was a far cry from a pleasing aesthetic. Since that time I have gone back and erased any non bookish related pictures and now dedicate @lavendermud purely to books.  Some people can seamlessly blend their book photos with non book-related things, but I’m an all or nothing sorta lady. Everyone has to do what works for them. If you’re looking for some new accounts to follow or at the very least see some stunning, well crafted photos I highly recommend the following:



Ana has the minimalist thing that I love so much. Lots of white space and uses food and flowers for props quite often.



Cate mixes it up between light, dark, and outdoor backgrounds and her feed is stunning.


Emmanuel has an amazing feed. You’ll find book photos as well as simple clean polished snapshots of other lovely things.



Recently followed Lisa’s account and couldn’t be happier. Simple backgrounds with great layouts and pops of color. She also recently did a bookstagram recommendation on her blog that I believe is worth checking out.



I found Amanda’s feed through reading her blog. Lots of great book close-ups.


Bex takes the most stunning and visually pleasing photos ever. Plus she has the most witty captions. #goalsrealitysabore


Alisha’s account is only 2 weeks old but she is already posting fabulous pictures.

It was super hard narrowing this list down to just 7 accounts. I am currently following almost 100 accounts and try to double tap and comment often. Thanks to @SCSreads for inspiring me to share some of my recommendations. I plan to do a part 2 very soon.

What are some #bookstagram accounts that you love?

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