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7 Books That Failed To Live Up to the Hype with GIFs

7 Books That Failed To Live Up to the Hype with GIFs


1. Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion.
2. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material.
3. An advertising or promotional ploy.
4. Something deliberately misleading; a deception.

I am sure we’ve all dealt with book hype. If not, then consider yourself lucky, because with more and more authors and publishers offering ARC’s and promotional materials for their books it can sometimes ruin the experience. While I understand the importance of boosting sales and general promotion there are some books that are overhyped. Some books even have their own “street teams” in order to promote it. Without a doubt, I’ll wait until the hype dies down to read a book that I feel is being pushed too hard. Most bloggers may not understand this overhyped issue because they are the ones receiving the ARC’s and doing the promoting. They are definitely doing their “job” of promotion.

 After the hype has died down or in some cases during the hype I’ll read a book and be completely dumbfounded as to why everyone is loving it and I am just…not. Don’t get me wrong in some cases the hype is real, in others, I enjoyed the book but I really didn’t think it was that great. Today I am sharing 7 books that failed to live up to their hype.

carry-onno-gifI’ve said hundreds of times how much I love everything Rainbow Rowell writes. Carry On is the exception. I’ll admit I was pretty excited for this one and was hyping it up a bit myself but people were receiving all the pretty covers and the colorable dust jacket and I was just dying to get my hands on it. It was hyped because of the LGBT+ characters and the similarities to Harry Potter. It seriously failed to deliver either of those. While it does feature LGBT+ characters it was such a small part of the story. That one kiss was glorious but it did not warrant all the hype it got.

passengertumblr_nbxv0rhmhd1trzb4po1_500Whew! This one was definitely overhyped. Everyone was grabbing their ARC copies at BEA a couple years ago and all the cool swag that came with it plus having the author there signing books just pushed this book to the top of everyone’s radars. I heard about Passenger for months and months and months before I finally got a copy and then it sat on my shelf until one of my BookTube friends suggested we buddy read it. While there were some cool elements I was more bored than entertained. I think this book is so hyped because readers adore the author.

siege-and-stormtumblr_ni2n5hfnbs1ql5yr7o1_500This trilogy will forever be on my “why do people love this book” list. Siege and Storm was probably my least favorite of the three. Again it had some cool elements but the writing was weird and I did not and will never understand the love for The Darkling. He is all I heard about for YEARS (literally, years) before I finally marathoned the trilogy. I was happy with the 3rd and final book while everyone else was disappointed so I definitely have the unpopular opinion. Even though some of the characters were entertaining, the plot was not. Siege and Storm was a snooze fest as far as I am concerned.six-of-crows

tumblr_nkm5uswepp1tmkhhxo1_400Another Bardugo book that I am not a fan of. I still haven’t quite figured out what it is about her stories that do not appeal to me, but the hype gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. When will I learn? Who knows. Another book that had stunning ARC’s and swag sent to every blogger in the known universe (except me). I saw pictures and still see pictures of this book and swag all over Bookstagram. Hyped as a heist story that was only 25% heist was baffling. The one saving grace of Six of Crows were the characters. Yes, I am quite envious of the character poster that everyone got.the-darkest-part-of-the-forest

tumblr_ntq4yf9bz61si3tc1o1_500I have myself to blame for the majority of the hype for The Darkest Part of the Forest. I mean check out that cover! Also, the story sounded so mysterious and atmospheric so I was all in. When I received this in my Uppercase Box last February I immediately read it. I was disappointed.


tumblr_nq2fhg8g6j1re3x32o1_400Another BEA/author/swag overhyped book. Plus the author, Susan Dennard and Sarah J. Maas are  BFF’s which added to the gimme factor for some people. I was really excited for a fantasy book involving two best friend witches. What I got was more talk than action, a lot of boredom, and a plotless mess. The cover is gorgeous too, so there were lots of Bookstagram pics.


tumblr_nex4eunyqn1u3n1fpo1_500So many hype avenues for Ugly Love. First of all the author does an excellent job of self-promoting, plus she has a huge fan base. I personally adore Colleen Hoover and have enjoyed every one of her books I have read minus this one. There were similarities drawn to the Fifty Shades of Grey series – which I loved, the Ugly Love movie has been in development for quite some time, and again all the CoHo fans made this book soar to the top of my TBR. Then you have actor Nick Bateman slated to star as Miles Archer and again with the hype. Sadly this was a miss for me but I will continue to read Colleen Hoover books.

4 thoughts on “7 Books That Failed To Live Up to the Hype with GIFs”

  • Awwww I hate to see Ugly Love on your list, it’s one of my favorites of hers 🙁

    I’m not a fan of Rainbow Rowell at all, I enjoyed E&P but that’s about it, I haven’t liked any other of hers that I’ve read.

    • Aww I am sad you don’t love Rainbow Rowell as much as I do but you know I heard rumors Rainbow had a sequel in mind for Carry On and I was just like no thanks lol!

  • Ahh finally another blacksheep with Carry On *high fives* It just really similar with HP it feels uncomfortable, and I don’t like how dependent Simon is with the Mage! I actually like Leigh Bardugo books, even the Grisha Trilogy more than Six of Crows, but I have to admit that Siege and Storm is my least favorite books of all that she ever wrote! Even though Nikolai is there, there’s not much action and it’s just really boring!

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